Open application periods:

the search for the annual ball committee 2023 is now open! the application period FOR the committee members IS 14.9.–7.10.

The search for the annual ball committee 2023 is now open!

KY is turning 112 next year and it is time to bring KY together to celebrate the respectable number of years in March 2023, after two exceptional years.


But there is no party without people behind it! Being a part of organising KY's 112th celebrations is a perfect opportunity to leave a mark on KY's history and WE WANT YOU to be a part of this – the most extravagant event of the KY year 💚

The application period for the chairperson candidates starts this Wednesday, the 14th of September and ends the 25th of September. The committee members’ application period starts on the 14th of September and continues until the 7th of October. 

Last year the committee’s positions included:

 - Chairperson,

 - Vice Chairperson, 

 - Art Director, 

 - Corporate Relations, 

 - Catering, 

 - Communications, 

 - Decorations, 

 - Program and 

 - Invites

The Annual Ball Committee is an amazing opportunity to develop your skills in event planning and organizing. Prior expertise in event organizing of this scale is not mandatory as we at KY will provide you tools to bring your ideas to life. It is more important that you are motivated to take part in planning how the KY celebrates its 112 year old journey.

Below are some thoughts from the previous Annual Ball Committee members:

Chair of the Annual Ball Committee 

Recruiting, forming and, most of all, leading the Annual Ball Committee is an amazing opportunity that has so much to offer to its Chair. The KY 111th Annual Ball had the honor of being KY’s first Annual Ball, since the pandemic hit in 2020. We were certainly still affected by it, as we had to postpone the Annual Ball by over three months, and nearly doubling our work. It all came together in the end and was definitely worth the hassle and – let’s be frank here – gut-wrenching stress. Of all the many events I’ve both attended and organized at KY, KY’s 111th Annual Ball was certainly one of the most memorable, in the best possible way. (I might be a bit biased though.)

As Chair of the Annual Ball Committee, you take in quite a bit of responsibility. After selecting your committee, you must take charge of the committee meetings, overall schedule for the Annual Ball and making sure that everything gets done in time for the d-day. One of the most important responsibilities is taking care of the budget, which you will put together with the Culture Producer. You also need to allocate said budget between different categories (decorations, catering, tech etc.) and make sure that the committee is aware of the budget limitations. So, if someone suggests a stage full of flame throwers or something of the similar caliber, the answer – unfortunately – must be no.

This positions, like any, doesn’t come without challenges. If a committee member is for example sick, and needs some help, you must jump in or delegate the task elsewhere. You also need to ensure that the whole committee remains motivated. For example, in our case, organizing the 111th Annual Ball was originally supposed to be a four- to five-month volunteer gig, but was prolonged by several months. As chair I needed to make sure everyone was still determined to do the work, and in this case, do the same job and preparations twice. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have the best committee I could even imagine, who worked tirelessly till the very end!

The most important thing to remember is, that you are never truly alone in this. You of course have your committee to support you, but also a handful of hard workers from the KY office, who have themselves arranged a large event or two. If the role of chairperson doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, I warmly encourage you to consider other committee roles instead! That is what I originally did: I was responsible for corporate relations for KY’s 109th Annual Ball Committee and two years later decided to apply once again, this time for the role of chairperson.

Overall, being a part of the Annual Ball Committee, be it as the chair or not, is an invaluable experience that gives you the chance to organize on of KY’s largest and most prestigious events. It’s also a somewhat soft-landing to volunteer work at KY as it lasts only for about five months, instead of the typical year. But I’d argue that in those five months you can make life-long friends and unforgettable memories. I know I have. 💚

Inka Palimo

Chair of the Annual Ball Committee, KY111


Organizing KY’s 111th Annual Ball has truly been one of the highlights of my year since making KY’s most glamorous event happen is indeed a unique experience. During the preceding months of the event, you’ll become close with the other committee members and on the event day, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

As a communications responsible, you make sure the whole KY and Annual Ball guests are informed about the fabulous celebration and you’ll have a chance to add your own personal touch on how KY’s Annual Ball is presented to the whole community. In this role, you’ll definitely get to be creative and ensure that the event gets the attention it deserves!

Saara Savolainen,

Communications, KY111


“My responsibility in the Annual Ball Committee was Catering, meaning I was responsible for making sure all guests received a tasty three-course dinner suited for the elegance of the Annual Ball. My tasks included planning the dinner with the restaurant and taking care of special diets and other requirements of the guests. I was also responsible for organizing the Formal dressing and smooth party

behaviour-course to kick off the Annual Ball week.

I would very much recommend applying to the Annual Ball Committee since it is a great pleasure to plan and host the most wonderful KY event of the year together with your lovely committee members.”

Ronja Kouvo

Catering & Vice Chair, KY111

Corporate relations

As the corporate relations responsible I was in charge of acquiring sponsors for the actual event as well as for the contents of the goodie bag that is given to every guest at the end of the ball. The position is mainly calling and sending emails to possible sponsors, negotiating and organising the goodie bags as well as making sure that the promises made to the sponsors are honoured during the event.

It is a very rewarding position, as you can see all your hard work come together during the ball. Hearing people compliment something that I had acquired for the goodie bag was awesome! You also have a lot of decision making power regarding sponsors: the sky's the limit, so you can get very creative with who and what you want to be a part of the annual ball. 

What I liked the most about being responsible for the corporate relations was gathering sponsors for the goodie bag and the freedom I had while doing it. I was everywhere; on Google, on Linkedin, on “What’s new” sections of stores’ websites, asking friends/family and looking at bus stop commercials. It was fun to see what all I could scavenge for the bag and getting results was very fulfilling. 

I would very much recommend this position for everyone; you have responsibility but freedom to do as you please, you have clear goals but there’s also lots of leeway for creativity. I had a lot of fun, and being a part of the Annual Ball Committee is something that I will always remember with warmth!

Jatta Lappi

Corporate Relations Responsible, KY111

Art Director

During my time at KY I have visited each Annual Ball and have held several AD positions. Therefore, applying for the role of Art Director in the Annual Ball Committee was something I have always dreamed of! As the Art Director in the Annual Ball Committee you have more creative freedom than in some other volunteer AD positions, as you are the person responsible for choosing the theme of the Annual Ball, and get to design the logo from scratch. Designing every minute detail from the invites to the overall badge was a lot of fun and very rewarding. 

Our Annual Ball Committee faced some scheduling challenges due to the changing COVID-19 situation, but I am very grateful that in the end we managed to have an in-person Annual Ball again. It was amazing to see everything come together on the day of the Annual Ball itself. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the KY community enjoy the event you have worked towards for months! I can’t wait to see what the new Committee comes up with.

Verna Launonen

Art Director, KY111


Funny enough, KY111, the Annual Ball we hosted, was the first Annual Ball I ever attended. I had enjoyed the online celebration of the year 2020 so much that I was courageous enough to apply to the committee myself.

I originally wished for the role of the Art Director but looking back now I am pleased I got the Decorations role instead since it fit me so well. I spent multiple months planning out the table centerpieces, visiting flower shops, ordering seashells and DIY-ing. I even faked being a bride on Facebook to buy secondhand wedding decorations. This role requires a large amount of creativity as you need to follow the theme, try to not break the deco budget and be sustainable with your choices.

This role also comes with the IT responsibility, which was the main reason why I was originally a bit frightened to take on the role. I learned so much, picked out lights & smoke machines and received so much help that in the end the IT was the easiest part of my role!

A couple of all-nighters were spent handcrafting place cards and making PowerPoints about what fun things I could still splurge on (that’s why there were a photo booth and a giant balloon arrangement) but I loved every second of it. The greatest and largest project I have ever worked on with the loveliest people I know. 

If this sparks even the teeniest tiniest interest in you, please do apply, I promise you will absolutely love it! 

Jenny Nieminen

Decorations, KY111

Apply from the links below, as a chairperson before 25.9. and as a committee member before 7.10.!
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